“The ambivalence in her work is obvious and necessary and gorgeous. After studying sculpture in Buenos Aires and graphic arts and painting in Munich, Beatriz von Eidlitz rebuilt a paper mill in Austria and thus learned the technique of papermaking in great detail. The joy of experimenting with diverse techniques and raw materials led her to paper and iron, for which she developed a new technique that had not yet existed in the repertoire of art design.” – Betha Maier-Kraushaar

Individual catalogues

Iron and Paper
Beatriz von Eidlitz
Publisher: Kunsthaus Fischer
Texts: Betha Maier-Kraushaar, Eberhard Falcke
2015 · Read Online
Image Objects
Beatriz von Eidlitz
Publisher: Beatriz v. Eidlitz and Kunstmedia Edition
Texts: Thomas Witzke, Howard Fine, Eva Müller, Bärbel Büchner
2012 · Read Online
Image Objects
Beatriz von Eidlitz
Exhibition: Kunstmedia Gallery
Publisher: Kunstmedia
Text: Isabel Cadevall and Thomas Witzke
2009 · Read Online
Beatriz von Eidlitz
Publisher: Beatriz v. Eidlitz in collaboration with Kunsthaus Fischer and Galerie Mazzara & Mollwo
Text: Dr. Eberhard Falcke
Translation: Howard Fine
2007 · Read Online
Beatriz von Eidlitz
Editors: Beatriz v. Eidlitz and Anais Galerie
Text: Jürgen Reipka
Translation: Howard Fine

Group catalogues

Kunsttage Winningen
Catalogue 2016/2014
Siglinde Kumme Publishing House. ISBN 978-3-925991-16-5
Online catalog:
Innovation and Tradition 2013
Exhibition catalogue for:
40 Years of the European Patent Office in Munich
Publisher: Cultural Club at the European Patent Office Munich
Texts: Dr. Hermann Schifferer
Exhibition with 26 Artists from 12 European and Arab Countries
Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts. Amman, Jordan 2008
Exhibition catalog. Editor: Eva Müller
Head to Head
50 years of Kunstverein Bad Aibling, 1998
Exhibition catalog. Published by: Kunstverein Bad Aibling with a text contribution by Jörg Schönmetzler.
Les Femmes Créatrices
Association Musée d’Art Contemporain de Chamalieres et le Club d’Affaires Gergovia
Exhibition catalog. France, 1993
Text: Dr Eberhard Falcke
Text: Dr Eberhard Falcke
Mehr Info:
DIAGONALE, Civic Gallery of Bratislava and Mirbach Castle.
Exhibition catalogue. Bratislava 1991
Publisher: KulurAxe
Myths of an Identity: 13 South American Artists
Aspects Gallery Munich 1991
Exhibition catalog. Publisher: Aspekte Gallery and Centro Cultural Latinoamericano e.V.
Grosse Kunstausstellung 1989
Haus der Kunst, Munich
Exhibition catalogue
Grosse Kunstausstellung 1989
City Hall, Gallery in Ganserhaus
Exhibition catalogue
Haus der Kunst
Grosse Kunstausstellung Munich 1988
Exhibition catalogue
Kunstsalon, 1984
Association of Freelance Artists of Munich and Germany
Haus der Kunst, Munich
Exhibition catalogue