Ochre and black

With their earthy character, ochre tones belong to the primordial hues of our planet, as do all the countless gradations of black. Ochre in combination with rust tones are also among the basic elements in Beatriz von Eidlitz’s work. The sheer presence of these color values, together with black, evokes elemental associations – whether of landscapes as in the “Seestücke” (2009) with their aleatoric unfolding of forms, in which the movement of the water left its traces during the creation of the paper; whether in fantastic yet formally firmly defined pictorial inventions such as “Into the Space”; or in the “Moon Pictures,” which reflect, sometimes even serially, a bit of the fascination of Earth’s most intimate satellite in the pictorial space. The urban patterns of the “Cityscapes” embody a counterpoint to this.