China, the flip side

“The artist Beatriz von Eidlitz spent time in Beijing and Shanghai in 2007 and 2008. Immediately during her first stroll, she noticed the many brooms – they stood in front of almost every house. A first photo was taken. This was followed by dozens more and the discovery of “sweeping still lifes” became a small obsession. Sometimes the brooms hung from trees, sometimes they leaned against bicycles; always, together with their surroundings, an image emerged that Beatriz von Eidlitz captured in its raw reality.” – Eva Mueller, art consultant


This series of photographs of rural cemeteries taken in 2005 in the Argentine provinces of Salta and Jujuy, where the living keep their distance from the dead, at least as far as the location of their final resting places is concerned. One typically stumbles upon these cemeteries quite abruptly and at a “safe” distance from the settlements, somewhere in the landscape. Nevertheless, it can be felt and intimated that these venues are not randomly chosen. In any case, whether they filled with many graves or just single gravesites, they are always impressive.


Part of the street scene in Buenos Aires is the view into the entrance halls of apartment buildings, where porteros man their posts at polished desks. They are the Bonarensian doormen, guardians of the portals. They keep an eye on the street, are at the service of the house’s residents, read, watch soccer matches on TV or exchange news with their colleagues from elsewhere on the street. Especially at night, their solitary presence adds to the atmosphere of the streets. This photo series from 2012 is dedicated to that theme.