Modules and installations

Beatriz von Eidlitz likes to break out of conventional picture formats to the point of occupying whole walls and entire rooms. To this end, she sometimes uses very small picture formats, which she positions on the walls’ surfaces like aesthetic foci of intensity. Multipart works play a major role in the oeuvre of this artist, who has created hangings in which her small pictorial objects spread like swarms across entire walls.
Beatriz von Eidlitz views the confrontation with spatial architecture as a captivating challenge. Opening up spaces and occupying walls with art, treating spaces like substrates for images – conceptions such as these are particularly important to her. “Spatiality and an effect of depth is one goal that I strive toward. I do use clear, solid forms and outlines, but only to transform them again through transparency, spatiality or movement.” (Catalogue, 2007)