1955Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina
1977-1979Studies at the Academy of Arts in Buenos Aires with Prof. Rivero and Prof. Valderey
1979Moved to the Federal Republic of Germany due to the intellectual and political restrictions imposed by the military dictatorship that was in power in Argentina at the time
1979-1985Studies at the Academy of Arts in Munich with Prof. Berger and Prof. Reipka
1985Master student and diploma
1985-1992Collaboration in the reconstruction of the paper mill in Bad Grosspertholz, Austria
1991-1997Support studio from the city of Munich
1993-1994Lectureship at the international summer academy in Topolcianky, Slovakia
2004Teaching position at the international summer academy in Gizycko, Poland
2011Studio support from the Bavarian State Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts


Solo exhibitions (selection)

2022Gallery Anais, Munich
2021-2022Gallery Kunstblick, Balingen
2020Kunsthaus Fischer, Stuttgart
2018Raum(be)greifend, Kunstforum Seligenstadt e.V.
Gallery Kunststücke, Munich
2017one-artist-show, art KARLSRUHE; Gallery Mollwo, Riehen/Basel
2016one-artist-show, art KARLSRUHE; Gallery Mollwo, Riehen/Basel
Art days Winningen
Gallery Anais, Munich
2015Kunsthaus Fischer, Stuttgart
Gallery Kunstblick, Balingen
one-artist-show, art KARLSRUHE, Gallery Mollwo, Riehen/Basel
2014one-artist-show, art KARLSRUHE, Gallery Mollwo, Riehen/Basel
2013Gallery Kurzparkzone, Munich
China, the flip side, Einwand, Munich
2012Gallery Anais, Munich
China, the flip side, Wilde and Partner, Munich
2011Gallery Mollwo, Riehen/Basel
Metamorphoses, United Evangelical Lutheran Church of Germany, Pullach
2009one-artist-show, art Karlsruhe, Kunsthaus Fischer, Stuttgart
Gallery Mollwo, Riehen/Basel
art media, Ulm
2008Art association Landshut
Gallery Anais, Munich
2007Mazzara & Mollwo, Riehen/Basel
2004Kunsthaus Fischer, Stuttgart
2003Gallery Anais, Munich
2001Gallery Z, Munich
2000Gallery Anais, Munich
1999Oberbergischer Art Association, Gummersbach
1998Walter Bischoff Gallery, Berlin
1997Gallery Anais, Munich
Art Association Bad Aibling
1996Gallery Kleine, Siegen
1995FORAUM Gallery, Munich
1994Estudio Lisenberg, Buenos Aires
Kunstkabinett Hespert, Reichshof-Hespert
Gallery Anais, Munich
1993FORAUM Gallery, Munich
Gallery art&living, Siegen
1992Frauenkulturhaus, Munich
1991Gallery Giorgo Baratto, Portovenere, Italy
Gallery Anais, Munich
Traces of rust, installations in the shell of an unfinished building, Frankfurt
1990Gallery Oskar Friedl, Chicago, USA
Oxydations, FORAUM Gallery, Munich
1988Gallery Im zweiten Stock, Eichstätt
1987Gallery Haydn and Türk, Munich
1986Cross section, Munich
1985Gallery Oskar Friedl, Hamburg
Katzenberger Quatember, Kappeln, Austria
Gallery Zwischenraum, Frankfurt

Group exhibitions (selection)

2023Prof. J. Reipka and his Students
2022Conform _ Reform, Munich
2020art KARLSRUHE, Kunsthaus Fischer
Gallery Kunstblick, Balingen
2019art KARLSRUHE, Kunsthaus Fischer
Gallery Mollwo, Basel
2018art KARLSRUHE, Kunsthaus Fischer
„PLAKATIV V“, Galleria Interzone, Rome, Italy
2017Gallery Mollwo, Basel
2015„PLAKATIV IV“, Municipal Gallery Old Town Hall, Worpsede, Germany
2014Federal Patent Court, Munich
2013Innovation and Tradition, 40th anniversary of the European Patent Office, Munich
art KARLSRUHE, Kunsthaus Fischer, Stuttgart
„PLAKATIV III“, Weltraum 21, Salzburg
„PLAKATIV II“, Atelier Eva Baumert, Berlin
„PLAKATIV finde ich gut!, Atelier Bruno Kuhlmann, Munich
2012art KARLSRUHE, Kunsthaus Fischer, Stuttgart
Gallery Mollwo, Riehen/Basel
2011Exhibition Domagk Ateliers, Munich
„Welcome“, Gedok, Munich
art KARLSRUHE, Kunsthaus Fischer, Stuttgart
2010art KARLSRUHE, Kunsthaus Fischer, Stuttgart
Gallery Mollwo, Riehen/Basel
2009Anais Gallery, Munich
2008„Together“, Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, Amman
Anais Gallery, with photos from the series “China, the flip side”
art KARLSRUHE, Kunsthaus Fischer, Stuttgart
2007Accrochage, Mazzara & Mollwo, Basel, Switzerland
art KARLSRUHE, Kunsthaus Fischer, Stugart
2006„Vanishing Point“, whiteBOX, München
art KARLSRUHE, Kunsthaus Fischer, Stuttgart
Mazzara & Mollwo, Basel, Switzerland
2004-2005art KARLSRUHE, Kunsthaus Fischer, Stuttgart
2003„Werk III“, Munich
2002Anais Gallery, Munich
1997-2001„Werk III“, Munich
1998Art association Bad Aibling
art-multiple, Düsseldorf
International Fair for Contemporary Art, Zurich
1997Anais Gallery, Munich
1994art-multiple, Düsseldorf
Gallery Oliver Sweden, Munich
1993Pregnitz Museum, Wittstock
Musée de l´Art Contemporain, Chamalieres
1992 „Weightless“, Airport Gallery, Frankfurt
Crafts Gallery, Munich
1991Art Association Ellwangen
Concrete Art, Bratislava
1990Ladengalerie Lothringerstraße, Munich
Lukaskirche, Munich
1989Grosse Kunstausstellung, Munich
Grosse Kunstausstellung, Wasserburg
1988Grosse Kunstausstellung, Munich
1986Installation with two holy nails, St. Lamprecht, Austria
1984Kunstsalon, Munich

Collaborative projects

2008“and paradise...,” two video installations for the 850th anniversary of the founding of the city of Munich inside and outside the Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz with Karina Smigla-Bobinski
2007“Tafelbilder” for the theater performance “Tafelfreu(n)de” by Christina Ruf, Munich
2002“Halbwertszeit,” large installations, with Andreas Stetka
Brickworks Museum Oberkaufungen, Kassel
1998Stage design and costumes for the dance theater performance “Shoes and Clouds” by Marta Binetti
1992Stage design and costumes for the dance opera “The Children’s Crusade” by Marta Binetti and Ko Murobushi


Museo Nacional del Grabado (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Musée de l’Art Contemporain (Chamaliers, France)
Artothek (Buxdehude, Germany)
HypoVereinsbank (Munich, Germany)
LBS-Landesbausparkasse (Munich)
Stadtsparkasse (Nördlingen, Germany)
City and District Savings Bank (Erlangen Höchstadt Herzogenaurach, Germany)
Private Collections