Conform _ Reform?

Contribution of Mai 31, 2022

The NEUE GRUPPE celebrates its 75th anniversary with an extensive exhibition of artworks by its members. The theme here is the diversity of this Munich artists’ group, but at the same time an imposed formal rigor.

The NEUE GRUPPE was founded in 1946, immediately after the end of World War II, to present a new art characterized by diversity. But what do contemporary artists think about the idea of an art association, a parallel show of works in the most diverse styles? Is such a community still relevant in our media-driven, egoistic society? We say: YES!

The NEUE GRUPPE celebrates its 75th anniversary with an extensive exhibition

Stylistic coexistence as peers in a group strengthens one’s own artistic position, develops a lively commonality, leads one’s creative gaze beyond the tip of one’s own nose and evolves into an exciting freestyle. The basic idea of this anniversary exhibition is a formal rigor, but this strictness is counterbalanced by the diverse working methods of the participating artists. The starting point for this is a cubic space measuring 75 x 75 x 75 cm. The same circumscribed volume is made available to each artist, who is free to fill it with whatever content they wish.

On the one hand, this demarcated space stands for reduction and limitation of artistic possibilities and a form of uniformity, but on the other hand it also offers unlimited freedom and an enormous abundance within its confines. The starting point is always the same, but the goals are completely different. This challenges the artists to venture beyond their traditional ways of working and to explore new paths, while simultaneously coming together to a pursue common idea. In other words, to realize the greatest possible freedom in a small format and thus to document diversity as a social goal.

Stefan Wehmeier (2022)