Bayerische Vereinsbank Munich

At the request of architect Helga Sessig, who is commissioned by Bayerische Vereinsbank, Beatriz von Eidlitz developed a concept for furnishing the bank’s offices with her artworks in 1995.

Landesbausparkasse Munich

In 1995, LBS in Munich furnished some of its business premises with numerous works by Beatriz von Eidlitz. The art consultant Eva Müller was responsible for the arrangement and conception.

City and District Savings Bank of Erlangen Höchstadt

In 1998, the municipal savings bank in Höchstadt a. d. Aisch was tasked with furnishing its boardroom with art. Due to the specific conditions in the space, a solution with pictures hung on the walls seemed unsatisfactory. Instead, Beatriz von Eidlitz and the lead art consultant Eva Müller jointly decided to design sculptural elements specifically for the room. The wall sculptures provided a strong aesthetic counterpoint to the dominant functional design features of the boardroom, thus creating an overall effect that was as appealing as it was exciting.