Contribution of August 10, 2021

Beatriz von Eidlitz has entitled some of her works “From the Lexicon of Worlds.” Actually, this title fits all her artworks, in which there appear profound lava flows, lunar craters, planetary strands, sand and traces of water that seem to circumscribe the entire cosmos.

In Beatriz von Eidlitz’s alchemical laboratory, transformation processes take place in which water and rags, metals and oxides, pigments and binders are transformed into unmistakable objects. From the ancient craft of papermaking, the artist developed and continues to develop her own unique techniques.


Even in her strictly geometric forms, we are dealing with elemental forces in rich, warm colors on and in uniquely fissured, torn, haptically appealing surfaces that tell tales of primordial epochs. The rust has eaten into the paper or metal; its patina now seems timeless and infinite.

Eva Mueller, Art Consultant (2012)