Beatriz von Eidlitz draws her circles

Contribution of August 1, 2021

Beatriz von Eidlitz’s skills as a sculptor and draftsperson complement each other with exceptional clarity in the artistic statements of her pictorial objects. The feel of paper, iron, pigments and rust naturally plays a large role in the plasticity of her pictorial objects. However, it is the delicate but distinct lines of her sketch work that bring the massive impression of the material into a finely balanced equilibrium. The drawing’s concentration on the immaculate geometry of square, circle and their variations (such as ovals, ellipses and casually thrown curls) gives these pictures a lightness that oscillates between the transparent clarity of simple forms and thoughtful absorption in the act of drawing itself.

From this concentrated self-forgetfulness, which I also experience in the drawings of Cy Twombly, Beatriz von Eidlitz draws her circles and discovers the world – for herself and for us. The circles become drawn spheres, the squares become cubes falling from the sky, like grammatic declinations of the idea of space, yet they show us only the idea of body. Through this playing with reality and imagination, with the real plasticity of the material and the sketched idea of spatiality, Beatriz von Eidlitz enables us to participate in her artistic conception of reality and abstraction.

Thomas Witzke, installation artist, painter and photographer (2012)